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Our mission is to support you in the development of new, innovative products, when additional R&D capacity or specific know-how is required.

We accompany your product development trough all development process steps from idea to final silicon-ready IP Design.




We offer...

... concept development, is a process to identify the best suitable configuration for your product and application. The forward looking process defines the required algorithm, frequency, throughput, code configuration, performance, etc.

... system development, based on the requirement specification a solution for the integrated circuit is developed. The signal processing blocks and the algorithms are carefully examined and compared against each other. The choice of the right algorithm and the right signal processing blocks decides the ability to compete on the market. The transformation from algorithm into a suitable hardware requires extensive experience in system design. For performance evaluation we simulate the system using bit/cycle accurate models in SystemC/C++ or Matlab. For SystemC development, tools like Mentor Graphics's Visual Elite ensure a clear and structured HTML output as system specification. The major benefits of our solutions are:

  • extremely competitive algorithms and architectures
  • best performance smallest area
  • high level integration support (via SystemC/C++/Matlab)

.. design development concludes IC Design in RTL (Register Transfer Logic). In this process the developed SystemC/C++ or Matlab models are described in VHDL or VERILOG language. The main criteria during IC design development is a robust and silicon-ready VHDL/VERILOG model. In addition to gate level simulation we verify our models on  our FPGA development boards (CHIPit, Platinum edition) guaranteeing synthesizable code across multiple technologies. Furthermore we support you in high level integration and firmware development.


Our Expertise

  • Digital signal processing
    • Modulation and demodulation
    • Error control coding
    • ...
  • Communication solutions
    • DVB-C/C2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DTMB, ATSC
    • Error control coding
    • ...
  • Image processing
    • Camer and matrix display processing
    • Wavelet transformation, data detection, kalman filtering
    • ...
  • Motion control
    • Feedback control of synchronous motor (direct drives)
    • ...
  • Embedded controlling
    • Firmware development, control loops, interfaces, protocols
    • ARM7, HC12, HC05
  • Software- and hardwaredesign
    • C/C++, Matlab, Assembler
    • VHDL, VERILOG, Perl, Shell


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