Ubiso - IP: DVB-S/S2 Demod C2T2S2 FEC

MultiStandard Decoder for DVB-C2, DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 with integrated DVB-S/S2 Demodulator


Ubiso DVB-S/x2 IP is a highly optimized multi-standard DVB-T2/C2/S/S2 Decoder with an integrated DVB-S/S2 Demodulator solution designed by Ubiso for next generation satellite, cable and terrestrial digital television reception.

Ubiso DVB-x2 IP converts demodulated I/Q or baseband DVB-S/S2 signal into a bit stream for use by the video decoder. This includes all de-interleaving, FEC decoding and output processing.

Product Brief


Key Features

  • All DVB-T2, DVB-C2 and DVB-S2 modes
    • Compliant to ETSI EN 302 755, ETSI EN 302 769, ETSI EN 302 307
  • DVB-S/S2 Single Carrier Demodulation (more...)
  • Dedicated DVB-T2, -C2 and -S2 Pre-Processing with Resource Sharing
    • All Deinterleaving steps (frequency, time, cell, ...)
  • Optimized high performance FEC engine
    • Single LDPC/BCH Decoder shared for all modes
    • FEC engine parameters optimized for target throughput / application
  • DVB-T2 L1-pre & L1-post Decoding
  • DVB-C2 PLH & L1 Decoding
  • DVB-S2 PLH Decoding


  • Output Processing
    • TS / GSE / GFPS / GCS output
    • De-Jitter Buffering and PLP Re-combination into single output stream
    • Standard AHB Interfaces for Host control and Memory Access
      • Timing-critical tightly-coupled memories embedded in IP
      • Large non-timing-critical memories external to IP
      • Optimized compile options targeted for ASIC and FPGA applications

Ubiso DVB-x2 IP in a DVB-T2/C2/S2 receiver (either iDTV or set-top box) application:



Block Diagram of DVB-x2 IP with integrated DVB-S/S2 Demodulator:

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